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The May symposium has become a large traditional event in the Russian plastic surgery. This is the 5th time when the Moscow departments of plastic surgery join their efforts to create the symposium with the participation of the leading world surgeons. The Symposium has become one of the main educational forums in Russia. Thanks to sponsors, the organizers of the Symposium are able to make it accessible for young doctors, postgraduate students, residents and undergraduate students.

The Science Board of the Symposium carefully selects the most interesting reports containing new knowledge on important issues in plastic surgery. The main goal of the Symposium is to provide doctors with an opportunity to share experience and to gain new knowledge, as well as to learn about experience of foreign schools of plastic surgery. The Symposium may be regarded as a forum of opinions where one may often see the results of mistakes and learn about the causes and tactics of complication treatment, to take part in a discussion, during which the experts may sometimes disagree on this or that issue.

Video lectures and round table discussions provide for an interactive communication. For experienced surgeons, participation in the Symposium allows not only to strengthen their position in the profession, but also an opportunity to share priceless experience with the new generation of surgeons. For young surgeons, participation in the the Symposium is a contribution to their career development and an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others. The exhibition of the leading producers in the field allows surgeons to learn about professional novelties and new technologies and perspective projects.

We invite you to join us at our Symposium!

MD Natalia E. Manturova
Major specialist-expert, plastic
surgeon of the Head of the Faculty
of Plastic and Reconstructive
Surgery, Cosmetology, and Cell
Technologies of the 
Research Medical University

MD Natalia E. Manturova

News of the Symposium